It’s 6:10 pm and times churning away…

Yes and what better way to off-put further study then a new blog post. You know learning C isn’t hard, but its a long process. The books are big, the concepts are plentiful …and the end result (for one with gaming ambition) is a long transition from what im doing now…to what I want to be able to do.

So i’ve taken time to stick on some track’s – ‘f#a#infinity’ by Godspeed! you black Emperor, and type away.

—–Red Alarm—-

Now I don’t know much about it just yet, heck, I only found out it existed about 10 minutes ago. But it is an interesting little gem. Released on the Virtual Boy ( it’s a StarFox type with virtual immersion. But what really got my attention, is the sexy Vecotr red graphics and the sleek minimalistic, heck brilliant, User interface ( screenshots ). Better yet, check it out during the later part of this short youtube video.

A good interface and sleek design is hard to come by these days. And so are good games. Now I wont go on at the moment about all those great games of times past, but I will say that I am looking forward to playing ‘Sins of the Solar Empire’ and ‘Dead Space’.

Space empire games have been lacking for in years and sure Galactic Civ II was fun , but I didn’t feel the void filled as I would have hope. Nor was it filled with the atrocious Master Of Orion 3 (despite much fan dedication, is still unplayable). The tedium , Space Empires 5 was just bland. These games just don’t flow in either gameplay or concept.

‘Dead Space’ is my hope to fill the void that is horror/survival gaming. Since not being a fan of Resident Evil (after number 2 came out, those initial ones were great), and disappointment’s among many contenders for its fond place (Fear [yawn], Cold Fear , The Thing[ Especially the thing) I fear (pun not intended) this will be a last ditched attempt at ‘hope’ for these fruits.

That time, on the clock , have to go …study.

I’ll leave you with this.


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